CBSE Classes in Pune

CBSE Classes in Pune

For CBSE Classes in Pune offers coaching for class VIII, IX, X, XI & XII for Science, Maths, SST (VIII to X), Sanskrit and English.

A) Class VIII, IX & X

We offer coaching for class VII, IX & X for Science, Maths, SST, Sanskrit and English. At NEET while providing coaching for these classes we also build foundation for engineering and medical entrance exams. Hence students who start from class VIII with us have an advantage since they’re used to the style of coaching, notes & exam patterns and can score better.

B) Class XI & XII

We’ve observed that 90% of CBSE students shift to state board in class XI & XII. We figured out 3 reasons for this
i. Mismatch in timings of CBSE colleges and coaching classes
ii. No separate coaching for class XI & XII CBSE syllabus and entrance exam syllabus in coaching institutes
iii. CBSE college students in class XI & XII unable to work on college, coaching and self study
This doesn’t work for students as they find it difficult to adjust to state board teaching pattern and with students. This wastes 2-3 months of students’ time. Also since there is relaxation in attendance in state board colleges, students get distracted from studies at an adolescent age.
Prof. Rajanikant Bondre has designed a unique study package for CBSE Coaching Classes XI & XII students. This unique study package provides 3 solutions
i. CBSE college and coaching classes timings are matched
ii. Separate coaching is provided for class XI & XII CBSE syllabus and entrance exam syllabus
iii. Synchronization between coaching classes and CBSE colleges helps students to work on college, coaching and self study.

Duration 2 YEAR
Starts: 01/July
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